And the General Terms

Second Scope

Chapter 1. General Conditions of Carriage

Chapter 2. Special Transportation Terms

III Quality of Passenger and Luggage Transportation

IV Ticket

Chapter 1. The transportation agreement

Chapter 2. Lost or Damaged Ticket

Chapter 3. Prohibition of the transfer of a ticket

Chapter 4. Ticket validity

Chapter 5. Extension of ticket validity

Chapter 6. Flight Coupon Sequence

Chapter 7. Service class

Chapter 8. Terms and conditions for the presentation of tickets in order to return the paid amounts

Chapter 9. Abbreviations

V Stop on the route or coordinate the stop location (Stopover)

VI Fees & Fees

VII Passenger and luggage reservations

Chapter 1. Booking Requirements

Chapter 2. Personal Passenger Information

Chapter 3. Placing a place

Chapter 4. Reservation confirmation

VIII Service of Passengers

Chapter 1. Passenger Service at the Airport

Chapter 2. Servicing passengers on board an aircraft

Chapter 3. Requirements for the quality of services provided to passengers on board an aircraft depending on the class of service

Chapter 4. Safety requirements on board an aircraft

X-Carriage of Certain Passenger Categories

Chapter 1. Transportation of persons with disabilities or persons with disabilities

Chapter 2. Transportation of Children and Pregnant Women

Chapter 3. Transportation of Deported and Passed Passengers

X Passenger Check-In & Checkout

XI Denied Transportation of Passengers and Luggage to Ensure Aviation Safety

XII Luggage

Chapter 1: Baggage Requirements

Chapter 2. Free baggage allowance rates

Chapter 3. The Value of Baggage Declared

Chapter 4. Group Luggage Carriage

Chapter 5. Requirements for baggage packaging

Chapter 6. Restrictions on the acceptance of the carriage of things as baggage

Chapter 7. Right to refuse to accept baggage

Chapter 8. The right to review

Chapter 9. Excess baggage.

Chapter 10. Payments for luggage exceeding the free ride rate

Chapter 11. Unaccompanied Luggage

Chapter 12. Hand luggage

XIII Traveling Certain Luggage Categories

Chapter 1. Carriage of baggage in an aircraft cabin

Chapter 2. Transportation of animals (birds)

Chapter 3. Transportation of sports equipment, bicycles and musical instruments

XIV Motion Schedule

XV Cancellation and Delay

XVI Passengers' Rights in case of Denied Transportation, Cancellation or Delay

Chapter 1. The Procedure for Compensation

Chapter 2. Compensation for passengers in the event of denied transportation

Chapter 3. Compensation for passengers in case of cancellation of a flight

Chapter 4. Compensation for passengers in the event of a flight delay

Chapter 5. Compensation for Passengers for Change in Service Class

XVII Luggage Detention Compensation

XVIII Airline's Responsibilities to Inform Passengers on Their Rights

XIX Refund

Chapter 1: The general refund procedure

Chapter 2. Refunds

Chapter 3. The right to refuse to return funds

XX Behavior on the Aircraft

XXI Carrier Agreements

XXII Serial Carriers (Airline)

XXIII Mixed Carriages

XXIV Air Traffic performed by a person (airline, tourist operator) as the actual carrier and as carrier under the contract .

XXV Chartering Freight

XXVI Administrative Formalities

Chapter 1. Travel Documents

Chapter 2. Refusal to enter the country

Chapter 3. Passenger's Responsibility

Chapter 4. Customs controls, security controls, passport control and other types of controls

XXVII Responsibility of the Airline and the amount of compensation for the damage

Chapter 1. Death and bodily harm of passengers. Baggage Damage.

Chapter 2. Responsibility of the Airline for the damage caused by the delay in transportation

Chapter 3. Exemption from liability

Chapter 4. Compensation in case of death or bodily harm of passengers

Chapter 5. The Limits of Liability for Damage Caused by Delay

Chapter 6. Transportation of currency units

XXVIII Claims and Claims

Chapter 1. General Provisions on the Procedure for Filing Claims and Filing Claims.

Chapter 2. Procedure for claiming and filing claims for improper passenger transportation

Chapter 3. Procedure for claiming and filing claims for improper baggage transportation

XXIX Passenger Information

XXX Compliance with these Guidelines

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