Wheelchair passengers

The request for carriage of a passenger on a wheelchair must be sent to the airline no later than 48 hours before the carriage starts.

Own wheelchairs for passengers, regardless of their type, weight and size, are transported exclusively in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

Wheelchairs are transported as checked-in luggage.

  • battery terminals are disconnected;
  • battery contacts are isolated to avoid short circuits;
  • The battery is securely fitted on the wheelchair.

    A wheelchair with an electrolytic battery (pouring, liquid electrolyte) is accepted for carriage, provided that:

  • When loading, during transportation and unloading, the wheelchair will be upright to prevent the ingestion of the electrolyte;
  • battery terminals are off;
  • his contacts are reliably isolated to prevent short circuits;
  • The battery is securely fitted on the wheelchair.

    If transport in the upright position can not be provided, then the battery must be disconnected. In this case, the wheelchair is transported as ordinary checked baggage without any special restrictions.

    Use a special container made of durable hard material to transport the battery. The container should be impermeable to liquids, resistant to electrolyte. The battery must be short-circuited, installed vertically and covered with sufficient absorbent material to absorb the entire amount of electrolyte, if the battery is full. Wheelchairs made with manual control are accepted for transportation without special restrictions.

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