Refusal of carriage

YANAIR has the right to refuse a passenger for transportation if:

  • the state of health of the passenger at the time of registration is such that air transportation can provoke complications or even death;
  • the passenger needs personal care during the flight, and the attendant is absent or unable to provide such care;
  • Because of his health, the passenger can create discomfort for other passengers (appearance, smell, etc.);
  • the physical or mental condition of the passenger may endanger the safety of other passengers, their property, aircraft or crew;
  • the passenger is ill with an infectious disease;
  • the offspring of a pregnant woman is expected within the next 7 days;
  • the term of pregnancy of the passenger for more than 35 weeks (with single-pregnancy);
  • the terms of the pregnant passenger for more than 32 weeks (in multiple pregnancy);

    YANAIR has the right to deny transportation to a passenger if one or more of the following factors are present, even when an appropriate medical report was provided.

    YANAIR does not provide a service for the provision of special devices for fixing the leg (legs). Requests for the transport of passengers with legs in gypsum are not confirmed.

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