Musical Instruments

On YANAIR regular flights, you can travel with musical instruments. Musical instruments (with a container or case) can be transported on YANAIR airline flights:

  • as a hand luggage if the musical instrument has a weight and dimensions in accordance with the size and weight of hand luggage. In this case, the musical instrument will be located in the luggage compartment or under the seat.
  • on a separate passenger seat, if the musical instrument does not exceed 80 kg, and the size of the musical instrument allows it to be placed on a separate passenger seat. The packaging of a musical instrument carried in the cabin of an aircraft must ensure proper attachment to the passenger seat. An order for such additional seat occurs when booking a passenger seat on an aircraft. Payment for such additional seat is made in accordance with the established fares of the YANAIR airline.
  • as checked baggage if the musical instrument is packed in a rigid suitcase and meets the requirements for carrying free baggage.

  • Order and learn detailed information about the service is possible in the Contact Center or by sending us an email.

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