Medical information sheet

In order to determine the nature of the special service required for air travel, some categories of passengers with disabilities should go through a doctor's preliminary review and receive a medical opinion on the health status of the date of air transportation and the necessary assistance.

These categories include passengers:

  • having a physical or mental state of health which is dangerous to them or which may pose a threat or discomfort to other passengers and crew members;
  • requiring transportation on vehicles;
  • suffering from infectious diseases that may be contagious for other passengers, crew members and attendants;
  • requiring medical assistance, additional oxygen, or the use of any medical equipment during the flight.

    Medical care must be carried out by a person who is over 18 years old and has the medical knowledge and skills necessary for the care of the passenger according to his condition.

    Making a medical report for an air travel does not require a passenger with a satisfactory state of health, which assistance from the staff is necessary only for movement at the airport and during landing and landing from / to the aircraft.

    These may include:

  • passengers with a stable incapacity (from birth or for many years)
  • passengers with sensory defects (blind, deaf, dumb)
  • Passengers of the elderly
  • pregnant women with a pregnancy up to 35 weeks (multiple pregnancy - up to 32 weeks)
  • passengers requiring wheelchairs and the like.

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