Сhicken kyiv

Composition chicken kyiv,
zucchini fried, carrot
fried, boiled potatoes,
dill greens, cream butter.
Greek Salad cucumbers,
tomatoes, yellow pepper,
Feta cheese, black olives
cut, Pekingese cabbage,
parsley, green olives, green stuffed.
Dessert: Viennese cake.
Extra Set 73% Butter

354 g

Price: 9$


Japanese pork


Ingredients: japanese
pork with sesame seeds,
couscous cooked with
turmeric, fresh red
pepper, Cabbage broccoli.
Disert: Charlot Cake.
Optional set: butter, portion 73%,
peanut roll with bulk.

311 g

Price: 9$


Low calorie lunch


Hot Lunch: fillet
- boiled poultry, potatoes
boiled whole, carrots
mini assumed, peas,
green assumed, butter,
green dill.
Cheese Snack: cheese
Gauda, ​​cucumbers, greens
salad Lollo, greens
parsley, tomatoes.
Fruit appetizer from
orange and kiwi.
Extra set: buns, wheat,
raffaello candy, butter
portions 73%.

333 g

Price: 9$


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