Your vacation will begin immediately at the airport, the trips will be interesting, and meetings with partners are more constructive.

The advantages that a passenger who buys a business class ticket.

In an Aeroport:

  • Separate counter at registration - saves time and nerves.
  • The rate of baggage is 32 kg, which exceeds the economy class.
  • Business Lounge or Lounge Area
  • A separate hall of high comfort, in which there is an opportunity to relax before the flight.
  • Comfortable armchairs, pleasant furnishings, alcohol and snacks without any restrictions on the choice, as well as internet, telephone, fax.
  • You will be invited to board.


  • Armchairs in the front of the cabin, where less noise and shaking with turbulence.
  • Special food with the usual appliances.
  • Selection of drinks throughout the flight. Alcohol on board - will be offered to you with almost no restrictions.
  • Special road kits (depending on the length of the flight), as well as rugs and pillows.

    After the flight:

  • Priority exit from the aircraft (in the first place)
  • Priority Passage of Passport Control.
  • You are the first to receive your luggage.

    We wish you a pleasant flight!!!

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