With YANAR airlines you have the opportunity to travel with animals.

Transportation of animals is regulated by the requirements of state authorities of export/import countries. For transportion the passenger must ensure the availability of the following documents: valid medical certificate, vaccination certificate, microchip or ear mark and other documents required by the services for sanitary and quarantine regulations in export/import countries. Transportation of animals (except service dogs) is always subject to payment according to the current tariffs for a price of 1 unit, for transportation of animals in luggage - 100 $, for carriage of an animal in a cabin - 50 $.. Transportation of pets is possible only accompanied by adult passengers upon prior agreement with YANAIR airlines.

Requirements to be observed for animal transportation on YANAIR flights:

  • animals accepted for transportation should be clean and healthy;
  • maximum weight of an animal to be transported in the cabin should not exceed 8 kg (taking into account the weight of the container for transportation);
  • maximum weight of the animal for transportation as registered baggage should not exceed 32 kg (taking into account the weight of the container for transportation);
  • pregnant animals are not accepted onboard.

    Requirements for animal transportation container:

  • container should be comfortable for animal transportation: an animal should be free placed into the container and without limits in space stood out and couched in a natural way;
  • container must be protected from leakage, escape of an animal and remain closed during transportation;
  • container should be ventilated at least from three sides;
  • in order to prevent damage to both an animal and the container, the size of the container should be required not to get through neither the nose nor the paws of an animal;
  • for animal transportation in the cabin, container should be no more than 115 cm by the sum of three parameters (height, length, width).

    It is necessary to inform the airlines about this service in advance.

    YANAIR airlines reserve the right to refuse animal transportation in case of non-compliance with these rules.