"YanAir Airlines" LTD is registered on June 15, 2012 in Zhytomyr.

In July 2013, the airline received a certificate for its activities.

The main activities of YanAir are passenger and cargo air transportation.

The airline is based in the international airport Kiev (Borispol).

We are constantly increasing and improving our fleet of aircraft, as well as constructing a modern airport terminal in Zhytomyr, where a new base of the airline will soon be opened.

Today, the fleet of the airline has three Boeing B737-400 and two Boeing B737-300

The priority for YanAir is safety, the standards of which meet the highest international requirements.

The airline is created as a traditional European carrier in terms of passenger service and flexible tariff policy.

The mission of YanAir is to provide high standards of service and the comfort of our passengers. In addition, we are pleased to offer the passengers of the airline a full range of services on their flights, a constantly high level of service, and, no less important, the punctuality of flights.

We also place special emphasis on new information technology as a powerful tool for improving customer service and cost-effectiveness. We develop Internet services, providing passengers with the opportunity to book online and buy tickets.

Thanks to the right strategy chosen - in a difficult, economically and politically, period, the company steadily holds its position in the aviation market and looks confidently in the future!