Work in YanAir Airlines

YanAir Airlines - provides its employees with unique career and professional growth opportunities. Providing employees with high demands, they appreciate in each of them professionalism, a sense of responsibility and commitment to corporate values. Due to high growth rates, we have a need for highly skilled personnel. We are glad to host our team of specialists. We invite responsible and focused people to work together.


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Vacancy - Flight Attendants

Requirements, required knowledge and skills:

  • Age from 21
  • Secondary education, higher education.
  • Free proficiency in English. We welcome extra possession of another foreign language
  • Availability of military records for military personnel
  • Availability of foreign passport (desirable).
  • Growth for girls - 165-180; Clothing size up to 46th; For the boys -170- 190 the size of the clothing is up to 54th
  • Pleasant appearance, lack of tattoos, scars on open parts of the body
  • Communicativeness, competently delivered speech without defects, ability to communicate with clients of any level
  • Self-control, emotional balance, sense of responsibility
  • Desire to work in the service sector, kindness, responsibility, discipline
  • Technical Thinking
  • Lack of serious health problems. The main requirement is a great health, since before medical training it is necessary to pass medical board (VLEC - medical-flight expert commission).
  • Greetings, but not compulsory experience in airlines, hotels, tourism or customer service
  • Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring passenger safety in flight
  • Serving passengers, creating an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort on board an aircraft

  • Terms:

  • Exit to international flights
  • Provision of a mandatory social package in accordance with the TC of Ukraine (paid leave, payment of sick leave, insurance of the flight crew)
  • An additional social package from the airline (discounted airline tickets for employees and their families, material assistance, senior service allowances)
  • Preferential parking at the airport, public transport
  • Excellent career opportunities
  • Professional and friendly team

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