Vegetarian dinner

Hot Lunch: fungi
fried mushrooms, onion
and fried, rice
Parboil long, green
peas, assumed, carrot
mini, supposed, zucchini
roasted, roasted red pepper.
Vegetarian Appetizer: Greens
and Lollo Salad,
greens parsley, cucumbers,
tomatoes, red pepper,
black olives, pickled
Fruit appetizer from
canned pineapple and peach.
Optional set: bun / wheat,
ketchup batch.
351 g

Price: 9$


Low calorie lunch

Hot Lunch: fillet
boiled whole, carrots
- mini assumed, peas,
green assumed, butter,
butter, green dill.
Cheese Snack: cheese
Gauda, cucumbers, greens
salad Lollo, greens
parsley, tomatoes.
Fruit appetizer from orange and kiwi.
Extra set: buns,
333 g

Price: 9$


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