Supplementary oxygen

You can use your own oxygen apparatus (cylinders, portable oxygen concentrators, fans, respirators and other oxygen or air handling units) for medical purposes in accordance with the recommendations set out in the medical certificate only subject to prior approval by the airline.

A request for the carriage of its own oxygen vehicle on board an aircraft should be made no later than 48 hours prior to departure of the flight on a scheduled flight.

When booking, you must provide:

  • A doctor's request for the use of oxygen by a passenger for medical purposes during a flight.
  • Information on the type, manufacturer, weight and dimensions of the oxygen machine.
  • Safety Data Sheet or other equivalent document on an oxygen machine.

    You can make a pre-order service at the airline's cash desk.

    Power supplies for a portable oxygen concentrator should be sufficient for flight time, transmissions and unexpected delays. Power supplies containing lithium can be of two types, depending on the content of lithium they contain:

  • Power supplies containing up to 8 g of lithium: allowed in unlimited quantities.
  • Power supplies containing from 8 g to 25 g of lithium: 2 units are allowed - each in a separate package to prevent short circuits.
  • For one passenger indicated in the MEDIF medical report, it is allowed to transport small personal small cylinders for a sufficient quantity of air - up to 5 kg gross each - with gaseous oxygen or air for medical purposes only, in the form of checked baggage or cabin baggage An airplane is required by prior arrangement with the airline.

    Cylinders, valves and regulators, if any, should be protected from damage to prevent the spontaneous leakage of the contents. Transportation by air transport of liquid oxygen cylinders is prohibited. Under no circumstances should the use of an oxygen kit (a cylinder and an oxygen mask) be used during take-off and landing.

    During a horizontal flight, the use of an oxygen kit (a cylinder and an oxygen mask) in medical needs should be controlled by a flight attendant.

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