Unaccompanied minors

The category “unaccompanied minors” shall be assigned to children aged from 5 to 14 years in case of domestic transportation, and to children aged from 5 to 16 in case of international transportation. Children under 5 years without accompanying adults on YANAIR flights may be not accepted for transportation.

Unaccompanied minors are accepted for all regular direct flights of YanAir airlines provided that:

  • they are accompanied to the airport of departure by the parents (guardians) or their authorized persons who are with the child till the departure of the plane;
  • they are met at the airport of arrival by the parents (guardians) or their authorized persons;
  • parents (guardians) or authorized persons have paid a child support fee during all route legs at the time of ticket purchase. Information on the amount of a child support fee is available at YANAIR airlines or at a person authorized by YANAIR.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not accepted for transportation which is carried out by several successive carriers. Unaccompanied children are accepted for transfer flights of the carrier in exceptional cases. In this case they must have a confirmed booking at the transfer station and the transfer should not be related to moving to another airport or staying overnight.

    Children traveling unaccompanied are accepted for transportation once the documents duly executed by the parents (guardians) or authorized persons and the payment for services made in the amount of $ 80 (or equivalent value in other currency).

    Service of accompanying can be pre-ordered through YANAIR representative office, airlines` website or call center.

    To register the service at the airport of departure before check-in, it is necessary to fill out a special form in YANAIR representative office. Then YANAIR representative will take your child aboard and do all possible to make the flight maximum pleasant.

    A person meeting a child should have an identification document. The data should be the same as stated in the form.

    The child's age is determined on the date of commencement of transportation from the departure airport indicated in the shipping document.

    To make a reservation and buy a ticket for a child who will be travelling unaccompanied, please follow step-by-step instructions:

  • To make a reservation on YANAIR website www.yanair.ua it is necessary to choose a category Adult Passenger (Unaccompanied Child Service can be issued only if the ticket is purchased as per adult tariff).
  • After completing the data it is necessary to follow to “Services to add” section and choose Unaccompanied Child Service (UC service).
  • To pay for the air tickets and service according to the invoiced amount.
  • Before check-in at the airport of departure it is necessary to contact YANAIR representative office to fill out a special form.
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