Depending on the flight zone, type of aircraft and class of service on YanAir Airlines flights, the following rules for free checking of checked baggage are established according to the weight concept:


  • all flights to/from: Ukraine, Georgia - 23 kg / Infant - 10 kg

  • all flights - 32 kg / Infant - 10 kg

  • As checked baggage on international flights, luggage weighing no more than 23 kg can be carried. The sum of three measurements of a separate place of luggage (length, width, height) should not exceed 158 cm. By prior agreement with the YanAir Airlines, luggage items with a larger size and weight may be accepted for carriage. Luggage that exceeds this rate must be paid in accordance with the tariffs set by the YanAir Airline.

    Free baggage allowance doesn't apply to:

  • passenger things regardless of their name, the dimensions of which do not meet established standards;
  • passenger things that are not loaded in suitcases, bags, cases, regardless of their name and destination, weighing more than 23 kg in one place;
  • Televisions, tape recorders, radio receivers weighing more than 10 kg in one place.
  • flowers, plant seedlings, food greens, dried plants, branches of trees and shrubs weighing more than 5 kg
  • correspondence that is accompanied by parole agents;
  • Animals (domestic or wild), birds, bees and other live animals, with the exception of the guide dog accompanying the blind.
  • Dimensions of three dimensions in excess of 158 cm:
  • sports equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Musical Instruments

  • Luggage that requires an additional armchair in the passenger cabin of an aircraft is issued by a separate passenger ticket at a fare according to the booking class or one ticket at a rate equal to the amount of fares for each booked place.

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