XX Behavior on the Aircraft


1. The conduct of a passenger on board an aircraft must be such that, according to the rules of the carrier, LLC "YanAir" LTD does not endanger or threaten other persons, things, an aircraft or its crew. The Passenger shall not have the right to interfere with the crew during the performance of his duties and shall comply with the instructions of the commander of the aircraft and the crew regarding the safety of the flight, the aircraft and safe, efficient and comfortable flight of passengers. The passenger must refuse conduct that may cause or cause other passengers to protest.


2. In order to ensure flight safety, YanAir Ltd has the right to prohibit or restrict the use on board of an aircraft of electronic equipment, mobile phones, laptops, portable tape recorders, portable radios, CD players, transmitting devices, including toys with radio control , portable radios, etc. (with the exception of artificial hearing instruments and cardiac pacemakers).


3. On board the aircraft, the passenger has no right to be in a state of alcohol or intoxication or under the influence of any other substance that could endanger or endanger other passengers, things, aircraft or its crew. The use of any alcoholic beverages on board an aircraft is allowed only in the quantity offered by LLC "YanAir" LTD.

4. Regardless of the flight range, it is prohibited to smoke on board an aircraft of the "YanAir" LTD.


5. If a passenger does not comply with the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 4 of this section, YanAir LTD has the right to take such measures as will be required by the situation and which YanAir LTD will consider necessary to prevent such behavior. Such measures may include restrictions on the movement of passengers by aircraft, landing of passengers, denial of boarding an aircraft at any point along the route of transportation and transfer of passenger to local authorities to take appropriate measures of influence.


6. If a passenger does not comply with the provisions of this section or otherwise does not comply with the rules established by "YanAir" has the right to refuse a passenger for further transportation and to apply measures of administrative and civil law influence on him (to bring to administrative liability , apply to the court for damages). LLC "YanAir" LTD in accordance with the provisions of Articles 90, 91 of the Air Code of Ukraine has the right to maintain the established procedure and the use of deterrent measures against offenders on board an aircraft. Appropriate procedures for implementation of containment measures are developed at LLC YanAir LTD.


7. If, because of the prohibited behavior of a passenger, has been forced to perform certain actions that incurred additional expenses, the passenger is obliged to compensate LLC "YanAir" LTD for such expenses in accordance with the current legislation.