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Dear passengers!

YanAir Airlines - Synevo. We join forces for your comfort and safety.
From now on, buying tickets on the website of YanAir Airlines, you get not only a flight to Batumi, but also additional services for testing COVID-19 in Georgia.

More information, here!


We understand that for you and your children, your pet is a family. And for some of you, this is the most precious creature on earth.
We understand that flying in the luggage compartment is a stress for the pet, and constant thoughts "well, how is my pet," do not allow you to rest and enjoy the flight.
That's why we took care and found an opportunity to calm you and your pet.
We offer you to travel nearby in the cabin. But there is a prerequisite - a pet by the window.
Enjoy the flight and have a good rest.

More information, here!